High school and college commencement ceremonies are an exciting time for everyone who is in attendance—students are excited about their accomplishments, parents are proud of their child’s hard work, other family members are overjoyed. But when you can’t hear or see the inspirational speeches, the magic of the momentous day can be lost. Luckily, Karasch & Associates offers extensive captioning services for these and other ceremonies, so anyone who is deaf, hard of hearing or who’s first language is not English—from students to administrators, guest speakers to family members—can enjoy the big day as much as everyone else.

Create an Equal Experience for All Audience Members with the Help of Karasch

According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, approximately 48 million Americans experience hearing loss. What this means is that almost all commencement ceremonies will have a person in attendance who is hearing impaired; that is why it is crucial for educational institutions to be prepared. At Karasch, we believe in creating an equal environment for everyone, and to help us achieve this goal, we provide the following captioning services:

On-Site CART Captioning – This process turns the spoken word into captioned text. By using a closed captioning encoder or other captioning technologies, captioned words can be displayed on video or computer screens for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies.

Remote CART Captioning – Similar to On-Site CART Captioning, this service also turns the spoken word into captioned text. However, thanks to the state-of-the-art technology at Karasch, we are able to provide this service anywhere in the world and at any time. Again, captioned words are displayed on video or computer screens for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies via a closed captioning encoder or other captioning technologies.

American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreters – The ASL interpreters at Karasch are trained and certified to provide the best real-time captioning service that can be provided on-site or remotely.

The Karasch Difference

Here at Karasch, we provide educational institutions with affordable captioning solutions that can be accessed at any ceremony, in real-time and anywhere in the world. When it comes to our interpreters and captioners, Karasch is comprised of only the highest quality of professionals who are highly trained and certified, ensuring that any ceremony will have the best captioning and ASL available. Additionally, we at Karasch are proud to offer captioning services in multiple languages.

Ready to get your high school or college commencement prepared to offer equal enjoyment to all who attend? Then contact Karasch & Associates to schedule CART captioning and/or ASL interpreting services today!