CART or Real-Time Captioning

CART stands for Communication Access Real-time Translation.  It may also be referred to as real-time captioning.  It is used by hard of hearing and deaf individualsto enable them to interact in their environment in real-time.  Most oftenCART is used in meetings, classrooms or large events.
A captioner (CART provider) uses a court reporting stenography machine, a computer and software to display everything that is being said, word for word.  The text is displayed on a computer, monitor or projection screen.  The service can be performed onsite, where a captioner will come to your location, or remotely where the captioner is offsite.  Using a remote captioner, the audio and captioning is broadcast over the internet to the captioner and the individual using the service.

CART is a speech-to-text captioning service that benefits people who are late-deafened, hard of hearing, culturally Deaf, who have cochlear implants, and those learning English as a second language.   It is used by speakers, presenters, organizations or institutions concerned with ensuring they provide accessibility to their material to the widest audience.

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