Karasch & associates have vast experience in Transcription Services, CART Captioning, Legal video & Audio Transcription Services. We have a team of Transcription Specialist who offer below services:-

  • Converting Legal proceeding from the spoken word into a document format or a printed format.
  • Performing legal transcription while in courtroom proceedings by our licensed court reporters & expert stenographers.

The Transcription services team at Karasch & Associates

The industry of legal transcription and Audio transcription is growing rapidly.  A legal transcription service includes:

  • The transcription of depositions, testimonies, official court hearings, interrogations, client letters, legal briefs as well as general legal correspondence.
  • The source material for legal transcription ranges from audio tapes to digital recordings to video and converting to text.
  • Most of the legal professionals also still rely on direct dictation to a translator for various documents.

Manual Legal transcription works like any other type of professional transcription service

The transcriber first reviews the source audio or video material.  The transcriber carefully listens to the source material and writes to a document format.  Each transcription has to be accurate to the task.  If the source material is an interrogation or a court proceeding, the nuances of speech patterns and grammatical inconsistencies of conversational speech will remain.  However, if the end product is a legal document, brief or letter, all attention will be paid to grammar, correct legal wording and phrasing as well as professional documentation.

After the legal transcription is finished

It may then be reviewed and proofread by one or more persons to ensure accuracy and/or grammatical integrity of the legal transcription.  Once the transcription is proofread, it is returned to the client in the desired format.  If requested, the legal transcription can be delivered in multiple digital formats as well as printed documents.  The transcript is also archived within the transcription agency securely and indefinitely for the benefit of the client.

Generally, a legal file is completely transcribed within 1-2 days of time.  However, in few cases there may be certain larger projects/hearing or bulk files that are more time intensive and may require more time &resources.  In cases like these, a one to two week turnaround time is required.  It is a general rule of thumb in legal transcription & audio transcription that turnaround time is dependent upon the size of the project/hearing.

The benefits of legal transcription

The biggest benefit includes saving time by cutting overhead costs, improving work flow and shortening turn-around times.  Customization is also a benefit.  Customers can create a certain look and feel to their transcripts.  Legal transcription also assists with work productivity by eliminating the necessity for administrative departments to carryout transcriptions those departments can concentrate on more crucial, day to day, administrative tasks.

Legal transcription & Audio Transcription is performed by professionals who have a strong command over English.


CART or Real-Time Captioning

Karasch & associates offers below services for CART Captioning:

  • CART Services for the Deaf
  • CART Deaf

CART services for the deaf

Karasch & Associates have CART services specialist to perform CART for the deaf by providing a readable translation of spoken English into text, our CART writer types over 180 words per minute, he/she remains just a few seconds behind the speaker. Their script is displayed on a monitor or projector to be viewed by the Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing clientele, this is the key CART Deaf services provided by Karasch & Associates.

Transcripts are also available upon request after the assignment is completed.

Onsite and Remote CART Services:

Karasch & Associates provide both Remote and Onsite CART Services

While the CART services are primary used on-site, they can as easily be provided off-site and remotely as if they are on-site. We just need for remote CART services is an Internet connection to get the audio feed transferred to our certified CART provider. Once the audio feed is received by the provider, he will convert the audio into text in real-time and stream it to wherever and in whatever way our customer want it to be displayed, generally we display them on the projector.

CART services for the deaf

CART services enable your Deaf and hard-of-hearing audience to fully participate in meetings, workshops, presentations, conferences, lectures, seminars, conference calls, webinars, classes, etc.

Captioning can be used by the deaf and hard-of-hearing to understand what is being said in any life situation.

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) is a phenomenal tool for the individual who is deaf or hard of hearing. CART tool assists the person in participating in meetings, classes, lectures, interviews, medical appointments, and many other settings. Live captioning of events is also a very useful tool in allowing people to have full access to the event.

Both of these methods of assistance are accomplished by having a court reporter listening and writing down what is being said and transmitting the content to various formats of output for the person(s) in attendance.  That may involve just a personal laptop, an overhead projector (for a full room), or encoder for captioning.  Karasch & Associates court reporters have extensive experience in all of these methods.

Our captioner (CART provider) uses a court reporting stenography machine, a computer and website to display everything that is being said, word by word.

Our expert captioner specially performs speech to text transcription.

Karasch & Associates have an excellent reputation in CART services for the deaf and a long list of satisfied customers including educational institutions, government departments & businesses.


On legal video, Karasch & Associates provides full-service, professional-level video production and trial Services Company dedicated to assisting the litigation attorney. Our mission is to provide you exceptional service beyond your expectation and deliver a high-quality product at a fair price.

In today’s world of litigation Karasch know how important it is to use technology to present your case. Whether it being depositions, trial support, site inspections or mediation presentations, Action Legal Video provides you with highly trained and certified video graphers. With latest technology &equipment, we capture testimony, document evidence, and present your case.

Law firms call on Action Legal Video for a variety of legal video and trial support needs. We work on criminal and civil litigation. Our videographers use state of the art equipment and our pricing is competitive.

We focus on providing an excellent video product to your specifications with quick delivery in any requested format.