Karasch & associates have over 35 years of experience in CART Services. We have a team of Cart services Specialist who offer below services:

  • CART Services for the Deaf
  • CART Deaf

CART services for the deaf

CART services enable your Deaf and hard-of-hearing audience to fully participate in meetings, workshops, presentations, conferences, lectures, seminars, conference calls, webinars, classes, etc.

Captioning can be used by the deaf and hard-of-hearing to understand what is being said in any life situation.

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) is a phenomenal tool for the individual who is deaf or hard of hearing. CART tool assists the person in participating in meetings, classes, lectures, interviews, medical appointments, and many other settings. Live captioning of events is also a very useful tool in allowing people to have full access to the event.

Both of these methods of assistance are accomplished by having a court reporter listening and writing down what is being said and transmitting the content to various formats of output for the person(s) in attendance.  That may involve just a personal laptop, an overhead projector (for a full room), or encoder for captioning.  Karasch & Associates court reporters have extensive experience in all of these methods.

Our captioner (CART provider) uses a court reporting stenography machine, a computer and website to display everything that is being said, word by word. 

Our expert captioner specially performs speech to text transcription.

Karasch & Associates have an excellent reputation in CART services for the deaf and a long list of satisfied customers including educational institutions, government departments & businesses.