Premium Quality Closed Captioning Services

Karasch & associates delivers competitively priced and accurate closed captioning and transcription services from any audio feed or video file, even in cases of poor audio quality, multiple speakers, difficult content, or accents. After your media files have been uploaded to our system they are processed by professional transcriptionists who leverage our advanced technology, process, and workflow.

Closed Caption and Transcript Formats

After your files have been processed, you will receive your caption files in a wide variety of formats.

Captioning/transcription formats include .srt, .scc, .vtt, .smi, txt, stl, .docx and many others

The Industry Standard

You may have noticed that the “CC” button now comes standard on television remotes and most Online videos. Video captioning is now a standard in today’s world.  Adding captioning to your videos increases your brand recognition and reputation as it adds to your ability to reach a much wider audience than a video without captioning.

With our transcription and video captioning services, your target audience will be sure to receive your message.