Karasch & Associates is proud to offer Inclusive Classroom Captioning™ for schools, colleges and universities. This new service provides Real-Time CART captioning, Real-Time C-Print and Note taking services for ALL students in the classroom and removes the need for students to self-identify.

Once students enter a classroom, they can view the captioning on a large monitor at the front of the room or log into the Karasch Captioning Portal to view the captions on their laptops, tablets or smart phones.

After the live captioning session is completed, the captioning transcript is available for download to all students registered in the class. The transcript can then be summarized into Class Notes or translated into various other languages per student request.

Once certified as an Inclusive Classroom Captioning Provider™, schools, colleges and universities can market themselves as providing this service and thereby attract a more diverse student base to apply for admission to their campus.

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