There are many videographers in the world today. With the advent of smart phones and tablet computers, everyone now has the ability to record a video at anytime.  So, what sets our Legal Video Specialists apart from a normal everyday videographer?

We follow the rules and guidelines set forth by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and The Pennsylvania Code as it pertains to recording video for use at trial. (see below)

We abide by the standards and ethics as set forth through the NCRA.

We have CLVS certified and trained videographers.

We bring professional video recording equipment.

We provide you with a DVD at the conclusion of the deposition.

We provide backdrops and additional lighting if necessary.

We provide a vast array of other services making us your one stop shop for all your litigation needs.

The Pennsylvania Code – Rule 4017.1. Video Depositions.

(c)  The deposition shall begin by the operator stating on camera

(1) his or her name and address,

(2) the name and address of his or her employer,

(3) the date, time and place of the deposition,

(4) the caption of the case,

(5) the name of the witness, and

(6) the party on whose behalf the deposition is being taken.

The officer before whom the deposition is taken shall then identify himself or herself and swear the witness on camera. At the conclusion of the deposition the operator shall state on camera that the deposition is concluded. When the length of the deposition requires the use of more than one videotape, the end of the videotape and the beginning of each succeeding videotape shall be announced on camera by the operator.

  • The deposition shall be timed by a digital clock on camera which shall show continually each hour, minute and second of each videotape of the deposition.

(e)  No signature of the witness shall be required.