Not every case is the same, so why should the reporting be the same?  Karasch & Associates allows you to choose which options best meet your specific case needs. Each option is offered at a premium value so that you can fully customize your service.

(MC = even more customization)

  1. Customize Case Preparation

    1. Bates Stamping – Organize vast quantities of documents with unique numbers placed on the bottom of each page.  MC* – we can scan your documents, stamp them and then either print them, put them on CD/DVD/HD, or upload to FTP!
    2. Document Scanning – Stop carrying all that paper, have your documents scanned into a digital format.
    3. Karasch OR – Access case materials wherever and whenever you need them.  MC* – we can setup access for other users so that you can share specific case materials with co-counsel, experts and witnesses.
  2. Customize Court Reporting

    1. Select Your Reporter – Is there a reporter that you really like working with?  Let us know and we will do our very best to schedule that reporter for all your depositions.
    2. Realtime Reporting – Do you want to see a live transcript while your deposition is in progress?  Take notes, review earlier testimony and get a rough copy at the end of the deposition.
    3. Transcript Delivery – When do you want your transcript delivered to your office:  Normal, Rush, Expedited, Daily.  MC* – We can also email it, deliver it on compact disc or BUNDLE your whole case to ONE CD!
    4. Transcript Formatting – Our transcripts follow the NCRA guidelines with margins, font size and lines per page.  If you want something different, let us know, we’re flexible!
  3. Customize Legal Video

    1. Video Conferencing – Instead of travelling long distances to depose a witness, use Video Conferencing and stay at home.  MC* – We have various forms of Video Conferencing, find out which one will best suit your needs.
    2. DVD or MPG – With our videotaped depositions, you can either receive a DVD at the conclusion or have it converted to a mpg digital file OR BOTH!  MC* – We can convert your video dep to any digital format that exists today; just let us know which you require.
    3. Video Syncing – Have your video taped deposition married with the transcript!  Instantly cue up the video to specific parts of the transcript.
    4. Interactive Deps – Want your video dep to be more than just a head and shoulders shot of your witness?  Use one of our many Video Dep Add-ons.  (Visual Presenters, Projectors and screens, Laptop hook ups, touch screen monitors, etc.)
  4. Customize Case Presentation

    1. In Court Playback – Simple playbacks include DVD player, Projector and Screen, high quality Speakers and Redaction Box.  MC* – We can also supply extra monitors, laptop hook ups and visual presenters.
    2. Trial Presentation Software – Organize your entire case on one laptop!  We can help you Prepare, Organize and Present your case in Court using highly interactive software and equipment.  MC* – Scanners, printers, touch screen monitors and more! Call us to discuss how this software can help you present your case.