When your firm or case needs litigation support services, you want a partner who knows the fast-paced nature of your business and can help streamline your work and preparation, increase courtroom impact and provide litigation support services in real-time to meet the demands of your industry. Read below to learn more about our robust suite of legal support services and technologies; and how they can help put your firm on the fast-track.

Litigation support services offered at Karasch & Associates

At Karasch & Associates, our philosophy is to put you, our clients, first.  We strive to provide the best services and adapt these services to fit your needs.

Our key Litigation Support Services include:

  • Transcript production
  • Legal Video services
  • Document Management
  • In Court presentations

The litigation support services team at Karasch & Associates

The expert team at Karasch & Associates has gained experience in catering to the litigation support requirements of law firms. Our team can efficiently handle any request or question you might have.  The team includes:

  • Professional Schedulers
  • Certified Court Reporters
  • CLVS Trained Videographers
  • Knowledgeable Sales Team

With Karasch & Associates as your partner, you can get access to efficient and economical litigation support services within a fast turnaround time. Since we are available on a 24×7 basis, there will be no delays in your scheduling requests. We can also assist with out of state scheduling and with video conferencing setups at our West Chester office or with using the Cameo remote deposition service.

From discovery depositions all the way to Court Room presentations, Karasch & Associates has you covered for all your Litigation Support Services.

Court Reporting Agency

Karasch & Associates provides court reporting and litigation support services nationwide.

Why We Are The Best:

  • Our services are based on skill, quality and trust
  • We form long-term relationships with our clients and offer 24/7 customer service
  • We work with the most current technology to provide online transcripts and linked exhibits with trial preparation tools
  • Our court reporters are dependable and highly trained professionals.