Bloomberg Law: Depositions Go Virtual During Pandemic, May Remain That Way

When courts closed across the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic, lawyers were forced to get creative in the litigation process by shifting to virtual depositions.

While most firms had access to this kind of technology, may have been reluctant to use it. Stephanie Russell-Kraft outlines the pros and cons of depositions taking place in remote environments to maintain social-distancing. Utilizing virtual depositions may help law professionals ease back into returning to “normal” life following the pandemic.

Another positive: where there are shortages of court reporters, others can dial to accommodate a need from anywhere!

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Above The Law: Reopening Your Law Firm During COVID-19: There’s A Bar Association Guide (Or Two) For That!

Above The Law’s Nicole Black provide tips for reopening your law firm following the COVID-19 closure of most states. Black outlines Six Readiness Essentials, suggests necessary technology be available for employees to be able to work in-office and remotely, as well as the initiation of new or updated written protocols.

Included in the Six Readness Essentials is a plan to ensure employees are maintaining social-distancing in the workplace, reducing common touch points (such as doors, shared desks, etc.), and open and confident communication.

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