As more and more courtrooms install more and more technology, it becomes easier and easier for attorneys to present their cases to juries.

Whatever the technology, Karasch is positioned to deliver and adapt our services to meet these ever changing needs.

Full Technology Courtroom

Monitors, Visual Projectors, Whiteboards, Laptop Connections, these courtrooms have it all.  Bring a laptop or tablet with the appropriate software, plug in and you are ready to go.

Karasch has technicians available to help you setup, connect and run this equipment so that you can focus on your case.  These courtrooms are great for putting on a case using trial presentation software such as Trial Director (we can help with this too).

Newer Tech Savvy Courtroom

These courtrooms have some necessary equipment already built in like a screen and projector, DVD player and visual projector.

Our equipment is setup to easily interface with any other equipment out there.  So whatever extra things you need to be installed, can quickly and easily be brought to court and setup.

(Old Style) Courtroom

There are still some courtrooms that remain un-updated to the standards of others.

Karasch has a full suite of equipment and software that can be brought to any courtroom to provide any service you require.