Using Trial Presentation Software is a great way to get your message across to a judge and jury, but did you know it is also a great way to help you organize and search for items outside of court?

Loading all of your case items into this type of software gives you the ability to quickly search for specific terms and items, view videos and prepare for all aspects of your case from beginning to end.

Transcript Management

Loading transcripts into Trial Presentation Software allows you to perform searches on just one individual transcript or across ALL transcripts associated with the case.  This gives you greater ability to see where witnesses talked about the same aspect of a case without having to spread multiple transcripts across a table or desk. These search results can be saved and printed for review at a later date.

You can also place issue codes into transcripts and print out the associated digests, view linked exhibits and even print condensed transcripts with word indexes.

Video Management

Loading videos into Trial Presentation Software allows for quick viewing without the need for tapes, disks or additional equipment to play them on. It’s not just for video taped depositions either. You can load up and view any type of digital video i.e. surveillance video, police interviews, investigative footage and day in life documentaries. You can also create clips from any of these videos to avoid having to scan through to find specific sections.

Don’t forget to get your video depositions synced with the transcript for even greater clip creation and search processes.

Document Management

Loading documents into Trial Presentation Software allows for easy organization of materials. Simply create a new folder for each witness, issue or part of the case and drag your documents into them. Dragging the documents will create a copy of each document so that you can place the same document into multiple folders.

You can also export and print out exhibit or trial lists to easily reference everything in your case file.

What can Karasch do for you?

Here at Karasch & Associates we not only provide the software but also the technicians to organize and run it. When you get to court we can also assist in the presentation of your case. Contact us today to discuss everything Trial Presentation Software can provide.

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