Here are 8 reasons why Karasch & Associates should be your first choice for captioning services.

  1. Karasch Captioning Services – We have integrated the newest technology to provide 9 different avenues of services for the deaf and hard of hearing, with no long-term contracts to commit to. For the student or business professional, Karasch & Associates Captioning Services will meet your specific, individual needs.


  1. Standard Code of Ethics – At Karasch & Associates we are proud to go above and beyond
    adhering to the NCRA guidelines. In addition to schooling, all of our providers are tested and trained by Karasch & Associates, so we know that they are qualified and you receive a higher standard of service.  By doing so, we sleep at night and you know that you are receiving the most reliable, secure, efficient, and ethical captioning services available!


  1. Karasch Document Web Vault – Each of our captioning clients is given a secure online area for all of your personal captioning documents. The only individuals who will have access to this area are you and your Karasch & Associates Accessibility Coordinator.  Organized, simple, anywhere and anytime!


  1. Worldwide Captioning Services! – Karasch & Associates is proud to be able to offer all of
    our captioning services worldwide! This remote service allows for multiple people at multiple locations, cuts down on travel costs, and stays directly in line with our green initiative.


  1. Karasch Support – When you work with Karasch Captioning Services, you’re not alone. You will be supported not only by your Captioning Consultant, who is available to answer questions and provide you with the best captioning services, but also by our team of technology experts.  Our tech experts monitor the captioning programs remotely to ensure that there are no glitches.  If something does occur, we offer 24/7/365 phone/text support. In addition, we fully back up all session notes on our servers in case they are ever needed.


  1. Karasch Green Initiative – It is our goal to be as kind to our environment as possible. That is why we pride ourselves on utilizing digital means whenever necessary, such as: The Karasch Document Web Vault, electronic Active Alerts, online Satisfaction Surveys, online scheduling, and our internal recycling program.


  1. Satisfaction Counts! – We are always looking for ways to improve our services, so at appropriate intervals we ask that our clients fill out online client satisfaction surveys. The results are used to measure how we’re doing, to make improvements to our current processes and develop methods to address areas that could potentially be improved.  Our end goal is to make sure that we are providing you with the best captioning services available!


  1. Captioning Updates – Laws are changed frequently and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Simply sign up for our online Captioning Update mailing list, this way you will be in the know!