Electronic Transcript Delivery:

Karasch& Associates makes every effort to reduce paper consumption as part of our “going green” effort. We provide all transcripts to our clients electronically and our Document Vault gives our clients instant access to all of their documents from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Case Repository:

Karasch& Associates has developed a secure online vault to hold all of your important case documents. You won’t ever have to make copies to send to claims adjusters, experts or co-counsel again. Simply inform us who will need access to your online vault and we will set up a unique user name and password for each individual. This is a truly green way to distribute and organize documents.

Active Alerts:

Say goodbye to the days of worrying whether your reporter or captioner has been scheduled, whether they will be on time and where the transcript is. With Karasch Active Alerts, you will be notified via your choice of email or phone so that you can rest assured that everything is running smoothly. This is an efficient, paperless way to provide you with instant status notifications, every step of the way!

Simplified Scheduling:

Our scheduling process is also completely paperless. Just email your deposition notice to us and your case consultant will take it from there!

Internal Recycling Program:

Karasch& Associates recycles all aluminum and plastic containers and reuses printed paper as note paper whenever possible. We are always looking for new ways to help the environment by improving our recycling efforts.