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What it helps you do?

HELP OTHERS: Promote inclusivity by being prepared, knowing current industry standards and sharing good practices.
BE COMPLIANT: Keep accessibility compliance priorities front-of-mind. Don't wing it. Check off items as you go this semester.
GET ORGANIZED & STAY CONFIDENT: Keeping up with industry standards can be tricky. Let the checklist guide you.

Under the ADA LAW (Americans with Disability Act) students with disabilities must have access to education in an environment that meets their individual needs. For students with vision, hearing, or mobility impairments this often means working with a school's accessibility coordinator who is responsible for ensuring that all equipment or facilities needed are in place and functioning properly. Accessibility coordinators have to be flexible and wear many hats. The job is constantly evolving and changing, so it takes a lot of energy, dedication, and passion to do it well.

Let the Checklist for Accessibility Coordinators be your guide. 

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